Lands of Krowth Lands of Krowth is a game about settling in new lands set in a fantasy world.

Game The game has a strong focus on the economic and poltical aspect of the colony. You may exploit nearby resources and trade with the homelands to create a thriving economy. It is within your options to develop a specialized industry or try to cover all aspects of the economy.

Economy As you progress and the wealth of your settlement develops, so does its foreign enemies. Some may want a share of your treasure, others may feel threatened by your growing settlement.

Although not every other faction is a sworn enemy (in fact, none of them is a sworn enemy), if your diplomacy skills are high enough, and you have the means to achieve it, anyone can be your friend.

At the games core, there's the settlers free will. You may not directly control them ever, but do so by assigning them tasks, training them in fighting and equipping them with gear. They will decide what do to and when to do it based on the conditions you have set.

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